April 3, 2012

The Lighting Of “Full Time” Football Image

Recently on my other (commercial portfolio website) Blog I have documented several shoots I have recently undertaken to add new Life images to my book.Last week I completed a personal shoot with two models with a football theme  which two are posted here.

The idea was to show my models in appropriate football kit as if lit by stadium floodlights at night.I decided that the our largest studio was my best bet to get the lighting at a good distance from my model and reproduce the lighting quality needed.Never under estimate the amount of space required even for the smallest shoots as often placement of lights requires plenty of room to get the correct distance especially with very styled lighting like this example.

I required 3 lights in total two to add the impression of floodlights from slightly behind my model both from the right and left side plus some fill lighting to the front. It’s far better even if you plan to darken the image like here to have plenty of fill light rather than capture the image with little or none.A flat low contrast image can have contrast added in photoshop quite easily but lightening and lowering contrast is not a good idea.A lens hood and careful placement of a flag (card clamped to light stand) ensured the rear light stage left did not cause lens flare while barn doors controlled the spread of light on stage right.

A simple lighting set up but one that worked perfect for my final composite image shown here.

Full Time



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